4 Wedding Styling Tips to Make Your Wedding Beautiful

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4 Wedding Styling Tips to Make Your Wedding Beautiful

When it comes to planning and styling your wedding, it can be confusing; brides can get confused on how to decorate their wedding, while making it unique, elegant and not costly.

Decorating and styling your wedding is all about being creative, organized and up-to-date with the latest trends and styles.

Here are 4 wedding styling tips that will sure make your wedding look beautiful:

Make it Fun: Appeal to your guests’ inner kids by setting candy bars, ice cream bar or cotton candy machine.

Personalize The Bathroom: Often overlooked but most visited part of the wedding, dress your bathroom up with fancy and pretty soaps, cute notes for your guests, and fresh blooms.

Extend Your Wedding Theme into Your Food: Whether it’s the theme, pattern, or color, including some aspects of your wedding theme in your buffet will make your wedding look more elegant and detail oriented.

One Colored Wedding: White, gold, or silver, pick random items such as vases, chess pieces, keys,  and figurines, paint them all in one color, group them together in clusters to add some drama to your tables.