5 Reasons You Should Get Married in Winter

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5 Reasons You Should Get Married in Winter

We previously shared “4 Reasons Why You Should Get Married in The Fall”, but now that winter is here, many couples decide to put their wedding on hold until spring or summer comes around.

But why should you wait for spring or summer when you can have a magical wedding during the winter season?

Here are 5 reasons to consider having your wedding in winter:

#1 It’s Romantic: Winter always makes people want to get warm, cuddle up, and light up some candles, which is very romantic.  So use candles, dim lighting and giveaway some shawls. Even better, have a photo shoot outside if it’s snowing! Your pictures will be unique and memorable. Read: “6 Ideas for a Cozy Wedding This Winter”.

#2 Elegant Bridal Look: Look like a Russian princess by adding a beautiful fur wrap, a fluffy bolero or a velvet cloak.

#3 Flower Alternatives: Bored of flowers? You can get so creative in winter with your bouquet or wedding flowers.

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#4 Save Money: Winter is an off season for weddings, so most vendors will probably give you a discount or offer on their services.

#5 Availability: Whether it’s your venue, photographer, or DJ, you will have more of a chance to find bookings than in spring or summer.