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6 Mistakes Brides Always Make When Planning Their Wedding

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6 Mistakes Brides Always Make When Planning Their Wedding

Brides can get overwhelmed when planning their wedding, with millions of decisions to take, handling a budget, organizing a timeline, and paying attention to details, it is only normal for you to forget some things and make some mistakes.

Once you set your budget, you always have to start researching for the right vendors to create a professional team to help you through your wedding planning process.

We have created a list of these most common mistakes brides make while planning their wedding, for you to keep with you at all times and use a guide, to avoid making these mistakes:

Not Having a Wedding Type: Before you start looking for ideas, decide on the type of wedding you want, do you want a formal black tie affair? A more casual and family-like celebration? This will help you set the mood and keep you focused on what will work and what won’t.

Buying Your Wedding Dress Before Choosing a Wedding Venue: Before you buy your dress, make sure you know what type of wedding and WHERE the wedding will be held first.  Because you don’t want to end up choosing a simple dress and end up having a glamorous wedding at a 7 star hotel or the other way around.

Not Hiring Any Help At All: Of course you can plan your wedding yourself, but this does not mean you should cancel hiring a wedding planner, you can hire a wedding planner just for the week before the wedding or the day of the wedding to keep everything organized. Your wedding planner will handles last minute tasks and give you more time to spend with your family and friends.

Not Feeding the Wedding Vendors: Your DJ, photographer, or any other hired vendors should have a meal to eat as well, you don’t want them to run on low-energy or get grumpy or exhausted, so arrange with your planner and caterer to help arrange this.

Overdecorating: Every bride gets tempted to decorate the wedding venue and the tables with all the things they love, but remember keeping things simple is more tasteful, and will not have your guests overwhelmed with the clutter, so they will focus on you and your groom.

Inviting Non-Wedding Guests to Pre-Wedding Events: If you’re not planning on inviting them to your wedding, then don’t make them think they are! Pre-wedding celebrations are simple a celebratory countdown for the wedding.