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6 Things to Do Immediately After Getting Engaged

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6 Things to Do Immediately After Getting Engaged

Now that you got engaged, what are the next steps you should take? Don’t feel lost or overwhelmed here are the most important things you should do once he proposes:

Announce It: Let all your friends and family know about the great news.

Get a Manicure: Everyone will want to see your ring, so get a manicure and show it off the right way.

Facebook Status: Change your status on Facebook from single to engaged. Your fiancé will appreciate that.

Brainstorm for Fun: Start dreaming with your partner about your big day, tell him what you’ve always imagined your wedding to be like and let him do the same.

Set Your Wedding Date: It will help you start planning early.

Use the Checklist: Create an account on Arabia Weddings and start using the checklist tool that has all the tasks that you need to do for your wedding.