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6 Ways Your Family and Friends Can Save You Money

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6 Ways Your Family and Friends Can Save You Money

Wouldn’t it be great if your family and friends were to help you in saving money on your big day? It can be done! Here are 6 ways you can have a budget-friendly wedding with the help of your family and friends…

  • Your wedding car: Borrow a classic car or a new model from a family member or a friend, and ask if they would drive you to the wedding.
  • A beauty expert: Do you have a sister or a friend who is an expert in applying make-up? Would she be willing to create your bridal look?

  • A rising star: Do you have a friend or a colleague who could sing or play music at your wedding? Would they perform for you as a wedding gift?
  • Crafty friends: You must have some friends or cousins who are good at crafts and do-it-yourself tasks. Maybe they could help you out with your wedding favors, wishing tree, guest book or invitation cards.

  • Budding chefs: If you have a good baker in the family, perhaps an aunt or one of your mum’s friends, why not ask them to bake and decorate your wedding cake? If you don’t want to take any risks, they can help with a dessert or two for your buffet.