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8 of Our Favorite Wedding Movies Of All Time

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8 of Our Favorite Wedding Movies Of All Time

Have you checked our amazing wedding movie section? It is filled with trailers of movies that are about weddings, whether they are new movies or old classics, wedding movies are always fun to watch together!

Since you’re a bride-to-be who is planning her wedding, you will probably relate to the funny and dramatic moments and scenes that take place in these movies. So why not have a girl’s night in or spend some quality time with your fiancé watching a great wedding movie?

Wedding movies are not just fun to watch, but they can also give you some inspiration for your wedding and bridal look, or your wedding style and décor.

Here are 8 of our favorite wedding movies that every bride-to-be should watch.

Watch the trailers and decide which ones you want to go for.

  • The Wedding Planner: Nothing will put you in the mood to plan your wedding like watching Jennifer Lopez plan weddings and fall in love with Matthew McConaughey.


  • Bride Wars: This fun movie will make you laugh endlessly as you watch two best friends fighting over the same wedding date.


  • Our Family Wedding: Families can come from different cultures and backgrounds, and this movie shows you how love conquers all.


  • Mamma Mia: Dance and sing along with this magical musical movie with our favorite songs by Abba.


  • 27 Dresses: A romantic comedy that will remind you of all the weddings you have attended before becoming a bride-to-be.


  • Father Of The Bride: Every bride and father with a strong bond can relate to this classic movie.


  • Bridesmaids: Now this might be the most fun wedding movie to watch with your best friends, and laugh along with all the crazy things that take place during the movie.