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Add Sweet Touches to Your Wedding

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Add Sweet Touches to Your Wedding

Once you’re done with the planning and financing of your wedding, it is time to remember and remind everyone what this wedding is about, LOVE!

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Whether you want to show your love to your fiancé or parents and family, here are some ideas that will melt your heart. Choose whichever is more appropriate to you and your family traditions.

Display: Honor your mother, mother in law and grandmothers by displaying their wedding gowns along a path to the wedding venue.

Mother’s Wedding Dress: If you will not wear your mother’s wedding dress, how about wrapping your bouquet with a piece of it?

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Something Blue: Use one of your dad’s old blue shirts and sew a pattern on or inside your dress. 

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Share Your Story: Add a board or pictures of when you first met and a timeline of your relationship.

Meet the Bride and Groom: Add small cards stating 5 facts about both of you.

Generations: Take a picture of you as a bride carrying a picture of your mom as a bride.

Gift: Take a photo for your parents with a message in it and frame it as a keepsake. You can also give them and your in-laws handkerchiefs with a personal message.

Honor Those Who Passed Away: If you want to remember someone dear to you who you wish could be at this wedding but has passed away, add a locket with their picture on it as a way to honor them.

Love Letters: Exchange love letters before the wedding and let your photographer capture the moment.

Groom’s Gift: Leave your groom a sweet message or a small gift on the day of your wedding.