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All You Need to Know About Your Wedding Lighting

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All You Need to Know About Your Wedding Lighting

One of the most important details that can transform your wedding venue is the lighting.

Lighting at a wedding can create a nice mood and add warmth to your wedding ambiance. It can also make your wedding cake, flowers, and even your guests, look better.

If you feel confused with all the lighting terms your lighting expert is mentioning then here is what you need to know:



A gobo is a metal or glass stencil that is put over a light to project a design on a wall or dance floor. Gobo designs can include monograms, your wedding date, patterns, or any design you want.

Color wash:


Lights that create a "wash" cover an entire area such as a wall or ceiling with a certain color.

Globe lights:


Also known as bistro lights, cafe lights, or string lighting, these are strands of round or tear drop shaped bulbs that can add a beautiful sparkle to the wedding.

Intelligent lighting:


Lights that can be controlled through the use of special controllers or software, so your lighting designers can change the look and feel of the lighting during the wedding.



Short for light-emitting diodes, L.E.D. lights are popular because they use much less electricity and generate very little heat compared to conventional lighting fixtures.  They can produce thousands of different colors and can be set up to change colors throughout the event with the help of a lighting technician. L.E.D.s are also commonly used in votive candles (as a flameless alternative to real candles).



A miniature spotlight used to highlight focal points at the reception, such as centerpieces, the wedding cake, and the Kosha.

Up lighting:


A series of free standing light fixtures that are placed on or near the floor to illuminate upward toward a wall, ceiling, or architectural feature like a pillar.

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