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Beat The Heat at Your Wedding

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Beat The Heat at Your Wedding

We all know how the weather in most Arab countries is in spring and summer, since spring is here and heating up for summer, we decided to give you some advice on how to avoid the hot weather when planning an outdoor wedding.


Food: Make sure to assign members of your family or close friends to keep an eye on the caterer, and more so, make sure your caterer knows they are being watched closely! Don't let them prepare or arrange the food outdoors a long time before dinner, especially if some of the foods contain mayonnaise or are supposed to be served cold.

One creative and refreshing idea is to have waiters serve iced fruit skewers on trays instead of the usual hors d'oeuvres.




Fans: Have fans arranged on the tables or chairs of the guests, this doesn't only help them cool themselves but also adds a nice touch to the wedding decorations. Have the initials of you and your groom printed on it, a nice quote, or even a "Thank You" message.



Electric Fans: Sometimes you might need to rent electric fans with an extra generator if the weather is unbearable, for example if you're having your wedding at the Dead Sea.


Hydrate Your Guests: Keep the cold drinks and refreshments coming throughout the wedding, with cocktails, juices, and punches, especially if you're planning on serving alcohol on your wedding, which tends to leave guests feeling dehydrated.



Hair and Makeup: Explain to your makeup artist and hairdresser that you're having an outdoor wedding, and you definitely don't want heavy makeup on. Also make sure your makeup artist doesn't use oil or cream base foundation. As for your hair, the safest option is to do a simple up-do, depending on your hair type.