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Beirut's Wedding Folies 2012: Entertainment and Zaffeh!

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Beirut's Wedding Folies 2012: Entertainment and Zaffeh!

Jacqueline Fares, the founder and general manager of Zaffet al Oumara Group in Lebanon, Jordan and Qatar, told Arabia Weddings at Beirut's Wedding Folies held in early February that her group performed at over 30 weddings in Jordan.

On the current entertainment and zaffeh trends in Lebanon, Jaqueline told us that the expatriate Lebanese community that comes back to hold a wedding in Lebanon, usually prefers the traditional Lebanese zaffeh as they are more attached to their Lebanese culture.

On the other hand, the Lebanese living in Lebanon prefer a mixed zaffeh with a modern twist that includes hip hop, break dance, salsa, and gymnastics; they prefer a zaffeh that is more like a performance. The mixed zaffeh includes Lebanese, Egyptian, Indian, and Latin American performances and music.

This zaffeh is not just for the entrance of the bride & groom, explained Jaqueline. Recently brides and grooms-to-be are opting for performances during the cake show and on the dance floor to spark the evening.

The zaffeh starts when the bride first leaves her home, and then again once the bride and her groom enter the wedding reception together. Some brides and grooms even record their own songs that mention their names.

The zaffeh troupes are also being more creative in the costumes that the dancers and musicians wear. Normally, a zaffeh at a wedding ranges from 6 to 25 dancers/performers and musicians.