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Beirut's Wedding Folies 2012: Latest Catering Trends!

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Beirut's Wedding Folies 2012: Latest Catering Trends!

Are you tired of the same catering ideas at every wedding? We are sure your guests are!  In our recent visit to Beirut's Wedding Folies 2012, and as we recently updated you on the latest bouquet trends, we also brought you the latest in catering trends for this year.

Individual portions: large platters of desserts displayed on dessert buffets are not trendy. It’s all about individual portions these days. Cakes, tarts, mousse, sweets … are served in mini plates, tiny glasses and in bite-sized portions. This does not apply to dessert alone, salads and appetizers are now served like hors d'oeuvres. Tabouleh, hummus, and other mezza are served in smaller single portions.



Cupcakes: Who doesn't love cupcakes? The cupcake trend is still going strong. Stack up the cup cakes on a tiered cake stand for a dramatic towering impact.     

Red Velvet Cake: Red velvet has been trending for a while, mostly for cup cakes, but who knew it would make an appearance in wedding cakes too! Red Velvet Cake is definitely dominating this year!

Macaroons: This type of light, meringue-based confection made of whipped egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond with a buttercream filling, has been a favorite at dessert buffets and patisseries in many Arab cities. Macaroons are still going strong at weddings and are made in white or pastel colors matching the color theme of the wedding.   



Almost all exhibitor stands at the Wedding Folies 2012 in Beirut presented their guests with macaroons!

Lebanese neuvelle cuisine: We had a conversation with Chef Elie Ltief, Executive Chef at Le Faitout, a Lebanese catering company exhibiting at the Wedding Folies, said "The Lebanese are going back to Lebanese cuisine for their banquets, events and weddings but with twist. Presentation is key, and is largely in single portions. Sharing various mezza plates on a banquette table is replaced by platters of bite-sized portions served to each guest individually. While Lebanese cuisine is at the heart of every Lebanese feast, innovative recipes and fusion cuisine is trending. A variation on a regular hummus recipe, for example, would be hummus with pistachio nuts and cumin!” 

Check out these Nouvelle Cuisine Lebanese dishes by Le Faitout's Chef in Lebanon: