Bride and Groom Etiquette Tips: How to Be a Great Host

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Bride and Groom Etiquette Tips: How to Be a Great Host

Being a bride and planning a wedding can be very stressful, but this does not mean you should not be a good host and welcome your guests with a smile and make them feel welcomed to your wedding.

If you want your wedding guests to go home happy and always remember how perfect your wedding was, there are some etiquette rules you should follow:

Be Considerate When Choosing Your Wedding Date: Yes, we know that booking a venue during the week is much cheaper than booking it on a weekend or a holiday. But if you have guests travelling or family and friend members that will need to take more than one day off their work, then consider choosing a date on a weekend to make sure everyone attends.

Set a Menu for Everyone to Enjoy: While choosing your wedding food with your caterer try and choose as many different options as you can while considering: Allergies, Vegetarians, and Diets. Also if you are planning on choosing non-traditional and unique dishes, make sure you have some less exotic choices for other people who don’t enjoy an adventurous meal.

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Consider Your Guests’ Budgets When Registering: When you go and register for your wedding gifts, make sure you pick items with different budgets, from some expensive ones to other very reasonable and inexpensive ones.

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Don’t Ignore Teens and Kids: If you know that you will have kids and teens coming to your wedding make sure you have some sort of entertainment for them as they usually feel bored and left out, also for younger kids consider hiring someone to take of their area and of the children so their parents can enjoy their time as well.


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Be Considerate of Older Guests: If you are having your grandparents, or any older guests at your wedding make sure you consider the distance they have to walk from their car to your venue, you might want to reserve a few parking spaces near the door for them. Also never seat older people next to the band or DJ, also make sure your guests know there is an elevator (if there is any) instead of taking the stairs.

Send Thank You Notes: Consider sending your guests thank you notes after your wedding,  and try doing it during the first 2 weeks and not after, to make it easier for you have them all prepared before your wedding, and you can send them out once you come back from your honeymoon. 


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