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Choosing Your Wedding Car

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Choosing Your Wedding Car


The first question you need to ask yourself in order to decide on your wedding car is: Is your wedding formal or casual, traditional or modern?

Car Style

For a more traditional wedding, hiring a vintage car or a limousine will suit your day well. For a more modern wedding, consider hiring a coupe, convertible or two-door BMW or Mercedes. You can also simply hire a car that suits your personality; a car that both of you love.

You can be as specific or individual with your wedding car as you like. It’s about personal taste and you want to ultimately choose a style that suits you and your wedding.

The groom is normally the person who takes responsibility for this aspect of wedding planning. So give him some freedom to make the choice. After all, it’s men who fancy cars more than women.

If he does ask for your feedback, input or advice, consider the following ideas (you can also show him this article!)

Horse and Carriage

If you want a fairy tale feel for your wedding, then there is no alternative to a horse-drawn carriage that can evoke feelings of a Cinderella-type day or the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate! 




Exciting young couples may want to ride off on the back of a motorbike. 

You will probably need tons of hair spray or gel, but who cares, if you are enjoying it!



A Fancy Tractor

For a farm wedding or for someone working in agriculture, a fancy nicely decorated tractor could be the answer!



And, not a recommendation we would make, (and definitely not an available option in many countries) but here is another idea.

The Fire Truck!