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Common Wedding Mistakes to Avoid According to Arab Wedding Planners!

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Common Wedding Mistakes to Avoid According to Arab Wedding Planners!

Who doesn't want a perfect wedding day? But sometimes the bride and groom can be too busy, stubborn, or overwhelmed that they can make a few mistakes without noticing.


Living Well magazine asked wedding planners from Jordan and Lebanon, "What are the common mistakes people make when planning their wedding?" and here is what they had to say:


Alain Hadife of Caractere: "To opt for a safe and boring design, in order to please all the guests, (which is impossible)"


Leena Alsulaiman and Zainab Alsalih of Carousel: "The biggest mistake would be assuming that you as a couple can handle it on your own without hiring a professional, so many important elements can be overlooked, which can dramatically undermine the event's success."


Alissar Mzayek of Alissar Flowers: "Many couples that are getting married make the mistake of overstressing. You have to just calm down, take a breath, and remember to enjoy the four to six hours of your special day, because it will never come back."


Imad Hosh of Caliente: "Sometimes the bride and groom don't exchange their ideas on what they want their wedding to look like, and they start throwing ideas here and there to the planner without realizing that they're not on the same wavelength. This confuses me as a wedding planner and makes it hard for me to please both sides, and even harder to plan and design the wedding."


Alia Zubian and Suzanne Mango of Celebrations: "Not everything that is imagined is beautiful. Some color schemes and certain accessories may not work with the theme which the couple have chosen. This can be avoided if the couple is willing to listen to other ideas. They should also trust their wedding planner."


Marwan Zabaneh of Orchids: "Involving too many people, with their different opinions, can confuse the couple; it often stops them from choosing the right theme, the one suitable for them."


Amjad Marar and Ibrahim Sweiss of Triad: "Listening to other people makes the couple skeptical on what they truly want; they need to focus on what they want. It helps to find a competent wedding planner who you can trust, and let them help you realize your own dream wedding."