A Complete Guide to Planning an Arab Wedding

A Complete Guide to Planning an Arab Wedding

Planning a wedding could be a roller coaster ride with an amazing experience for someone who is new to event management. It can bring a series of emotions, stress, confidence and amazing creativity if you really get yourself involved in the whole phenomenon.

However, planning a wedding which is to be highly rich with culture and traditions could be a tricky one. If there are lots of cultural and historical elements that are to be included in a particular wedding, then one needs to take care of many things in order to ensure they do not end up offending the hosts or the guests when it comes to respecting and fully implementing their cultural values.

If we talk about Arab weddings, we can easily say they are the most difficult ones to manage and plan.

Arab weddings not only have high social class highlighting from every sense in the wedding, but lots of different norms that are a routine part of any Arab wedding.

If you are a non-Arab wedding planner who is going to plan an Arabic wedding soon, then you should understand the following points very well:

  • Understand the culture

Before planning on any cultural wedding, it is important that you completely understand their culture. You can interact directly with people associated with the culture, read books and find information on the internet.

  • Plan the venue

Some venues are in high demand, so always book the wedding venue much in advance, in order to avoid date clashes or venue unavailability. Be mindful of religous months and holidays. 

  • Ensure the menu is right

The third most important thing in a cultural wedding is your menu. Always ensure the food quality, type and variety all fall under the cultural norms and respect.

  • Take an expert advice

After you have managed a blueprint of all the arrangements, keeping in mind the cultural aspects, take an opinion of someone who is from the host’s side and knows everything.

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