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Creative Wedding Invitations

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Creative Wedding Invitations

One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding is picking your wedding invitations. 

Your wedding invitations are your guests' first glimpse of your wedding. So you have to choose them carefully and wisely. At the end of the day, it’s about showing the personality of the both of you.

Here are a few creative ideas and trends we looked up for you to get inspired!


Balloon Invitations:

Take their breath away with this funny invitation. Your guests will have to blow the balloon to get the wedding details!


By Jennifer Lopardo, L’Office Optimiste.


Bright Colors:

Planning a spring or summer wedding? Choose your invitations in bright colors.


By Cheree Berry Paper.


Old School:

Who doesn't remember Pacman? Make your guests laugh and remember the old days with these funny Pacman invitations!



Invitation with Your Songs:

Make a CD with all your favorite songs and add the invitation to the album sleeve!




Photography Invitations:

Send your guests this funky invitation card with your pictures on it!



Film Roll Invitations:

Your guests will not stop talking about these creative film roll invitations!