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Details Couples Forget to Include in Their Wedding Budget

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Details Couples Forget to Include in Their Wedding Budget

When planning a wedding, one of the first tasks that every couple must do is set a budget to keep track of their expenses.

But why do many engaged couples end up going over budget?

One of the reasons for exceeding the budget is that couples tend to overlook some budget items in their calculations. Some of these expenses are the following:

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments: Hair and makeup trials, spa treatments, manicure and and pedicure.

The Bridal Shower and Bachelor Party: Some of your friends may put this up for you, but just in case, you need to factor in the cost of the venue, food, giveaways... and all the details that go with it.

Alterations: The bride’s dress and groom’s tuxedo may need alternations; unless you’re really lucky and they fit like a glove you will probably pay a reasonable amount to fix them.

Undergarments and Accessories: Your new undergarments, your hair accessories, your shoes and any other extras you will be wearing on the day, as well as, the groom’s cufflinks, and shoes.