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DIY Gift for Your Fiancé

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DIY Gift for Your Fiancé

Engaged and want to give your fiancé something special? You won't find something as personal or special at the mall as these DIY gift ideas!

You don't need to be artistic or crafty to make one of these. Here are a few ideas that are easy to make and that your fiancé will definitely appreciate.


#1 Framed Lyrics: 



-The hardest thing about this gift is picking the right song! If you already have one particular song in mind, or a few you want to mix, then do so. You can either pick a song that shows how you feel about him or a song that is yours and his!

You have more than one option when it comes to writing the lyrics:

You can either write them yourself if you have nice handwriting (or want to make it more personal), or you can print them out.

-Pick a cute and fun frame and put the lyrics in it!


#2 52 Reasons-Why-I-Love-You Cards:



-You will need a deck of cards, a hole puncher, double sided tape or glue, binder rings, cover paper (of your choice).

- Cut out 52 papers and write a reason you love your partner on each paper.

-Glue or stick each paper on a card.

-Punch 2 holes in each card, and insert the binder rings to make a book.