DIY Spring Wedding Favors

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DIY Spring Wedding Favors

If you're planning a spring wedding but don't know what giveaways you should give out to your guests, we brought you a few ideas that are easy to make, and won't cost you a fortune!

Jam or Honey Jars:

Pour honey or jam in miniature glass jars. Wrap each one with a ribbon and add a tag with your names on them.

If you have a great jam recipe, why not make your own homemade jam for your guests to taste?


Potted Herbs:

Give your guests small pots of herbs of your choice: Thyme, rosemary or basil are all great!

Wrap the small pot with ribbons and add a tag with your initials or names on them.

If you have some time on your hands, and want to get artsy, then painting the pots is also cute and personal.


Potted Flowers:

Spring is all about blossoms and nature! Give your guests pots with a single rose or lily, or even a small flower bush.

Don't forget that these pots can be also used as centerpieces for your guests to take away as they leave!


Miniature Cakes:

Ask your pastry chef to make tiny cakes for you to giveaway to your guests! Place them in small boxes decorated with bows that match your wedding theme and color!



Candy for Everyone!

Have a candy bar set at your wedding and ask your guests to fill their own bag to take home! How sweet is that?