Etiquette Tips to Writing Your Wedding Invitation Text

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Etiquette Tips to Writing Your Wedding Invitation Text

Engagements and weddings always require invitations to be sent to your friends and family to invite them to attend these special events. But wedding invitations must follow a special etiquette that can be easily applied so that the families of the bride and groom will appear in a decent way in front of their guests. Any invitation to attend a wedding must follow certain rules.

When it comes to writing a wedding invitation, there are some things that must be taken into consideration by the family of the bride and groom when writing and sending the invitations.

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Here are some things to know about writing your wedding invitation cards:

  • A wedding invitation must contain the names of the guests: "Adressed to Mr. .. and his wife, from Mr. .. and his wife, who are happy to invite you to a wedding or marriage ceremony (names of the bride and groom) and write the address of the place where the ceremony will be held in detail.
  • The envelope of the external invitations must contain the name of the invitee.
  • Make sure to use the gues'ts titles if there are any such as "doctor", and always use "Mr or Mrs" for a married couple.
  • mple "Mr. and Mrs.".
  • You can write what you prefer on the card, be it Quranic verses, or a poem, and it is also necessary to have a contact number or e-mail below the invitation card, so that the guests can confirm their attendance or apologize in case they can't make it.
  • If you do not want to invite children to your wedding, especially if the place of the wedding does not allow children to be present, you should mention that on the invitations.
  • Invite friends a few weeks before the wedding, so that they have time to take care of their affairs and take part in wedding.
  • Before you send invitations, the invitation text for your wedding should be clear, so your wedding guests do not have to call to inquire about any details.
  • Now that social media channels are a big part of our lives, you can definitely invite your guests again or remind them of your wedding date on Facebook.