Five Post Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

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Five Post Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Your wedding might be over, and you might be done with the wedding planning process, but there are some post wedding tasks couples usually forget.

In a previous article we helped you with the wedding tasks you should do AFTER your wedding, read: "Your Post-Wedding Tasks"

And here are 5 post wedding mistakes you should avoid:

  • Too Lazy to Create a Wedding Album: The longer it takes you to make your wedding album the harder it will be for you to actually sit down and do it.
  • Taking Forever to Clean Your Wedding Dress: Whether you want to keep it, sell it, donate it or even rent it, your wedding dress has to be professionally cleaned as soon as your wedding is over. So make sure you or one of your friends or family member drop it off the next day at the dry cleaners; the longer you wait the harder it will be to remove any stains.
  • Neglect Your Diet and Workout: Yes you don’t have to fit in your wedding dress anymore, but why ruin all the good work you have done before your wedding. Set another goal and don’t neglect yourself.
  • Not Reviewing Your Vendors: Do other brides-to-be a favor and help them out by reviewing the best vendors you worked with for your wedding. (You can start doing so on Arabia Weddings! Click here and review your vendors).
  • Post Wedding Blues: Many couples feel sad after their wedding and honeymoon is over, so they rush into the next big thing like buying a house our having a baby, but give yourself some time to enjoy each other’s company without taking any big decisions for a while, and live your day to day lives with no stress or pressure for some time.
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