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Get Your Dream Wedding for Less

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Get Your Dream Wedding for Less

Engaged couples planning their wedding around the Arab world are becoming more aware of their budgets and the need for money saving tips and advice.

Many brides want to have their dream wedding, but are stuck with a small budget. Don’t worry if that’s the case with you too! You can still bring your dream wedding to life while also managing to save some cash! Here is how you can pull that off:

Negotiate with your suppliers: One way to convince your suppliers to give you a lower price is to pay a deposit if they agree on your price. Most suppliers like the idea of being paid cash in advance. But make sure you sign a contract first.

Shop for big numbers: Buying large numbers can help you save money! How? For example, make your fiancé, his friends and close family members buy their suits from the same place. They will definitely get a huge discount, some might offer the groom his suit for free!

Book a midweek wedding: Save on your venue by booking your wedding midweek and not on a weekend. You might even save on your wedding car rental fee as well. Most suppliers jump at the opportunity to work during the week as they don’t have as much clients.

Bring back last season: If you want to save on your wedding dress, ask the shop to show you the dresses from last season, you might find your dream dress at a lower cost.