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Gifts for the Newlyweds

The most important thing when you want to gift a newlywed couple is to ask them whether they are registered at any store. If they are, then you won't need our help!


It is always more efficient and appropriate if you buy the newlyweds what they really want and need.
If the couple is not registered or doesn't have any particular thing they want, here are a few ideas to help you out:
Gourmet Gift Basket: Who doesn't love gifts that come in a basket? Plus you can make your basket according to your budget. Fill the basket with sweets, chocolates, a bottle of wine (if preferred), any fancy gourmet food, cheese or dessert that comes to mind, mix and match items and create the perfect basket.
gift for the newlyweds
Digital Photo Frame: A great idea for the young newlyweds! They get to cherish their memories in a trendy and hip way.
His and Hers Gifts: Personalized gifts are always cute and creative. These days anything can be customized and personalized with initials or names.
Vouchers: Brilliant and practical idea! Give the newlyweds a voucher to a spa they can enjoy together, a voucher for an appliance store, furniture, jewelry, even a trip; anything that comes to your mind! The trend of vouchers is becoming more and more popular.
Hobby Related Gifts: If you know the couple's hobbies and what they like, get them something related to this. It will only show how well you know them.
Cash: Some people think that giving cash as a present is not appropriate, but we believe it to be quite the contrary actually! Cash is always welcomed by newlyweds. You will be helping them pay any unpaid services they have hanging or add to their honeymoon budget!
*Tip: When buying house, kitchen, or home accessories, choose neutral colors unless you know what color scheme they prefer or have decorated their house in, same goes to linen and towel sets.
*Tip: Buy from stores that have a good return policy, so they may be able to exchange the gift if they don’t need it or received it from someone else.