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How to Create a Flawless Wedding Registry

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How to Create a Flawless Wedding Registry

Creating a wedding registry should be one of the most fun things you and your fiancé do together.

It will help you get to know each other’s taste in furniture and home essentials. It is also always better for a couple to go together so that they could remind each other of what they need.

  1. Read our Wedding Registry 101 to find all you need to know about your wedding gift registry.
  2. Remember to always pick items you will use! Don’t pick items just because they sound or look fancy; select those you will actually use.
  3. You should also pick more items than you actually need; over registering will help your guests have more options.
  4. Couples are getting more and more creative when it comes to their wedding gift registry, for example, if you have all you need, but still can’t afford your dream honeymoon, there is such a thing as a honeymoon registry where your guests pitch in and help you pay for your honeymoon.

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