How to Get Your Groom Involved in Wedding Planning

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How to Get Your Groom Involved in Wedding Planning


A bride can get stressed while planning her wedding and feel overwhelmed with all the tasks that she should do for the wedding by herself. But we always encourage brides-to-be to involve their fiancés in the wedding planning process, and make them feel included.

Most of the time, men want to help plan their wedding but don’t want to have a million things to do, or spend hours choosing the color of the centerpieces. You can keep your man interested in the planning process as long as you know what his interests are.

Follow these tips and help your fiancé be included in the wedding planning as well:

  • Good with Numbers:

Is your fiancé good with numbers?  If  so, he can be in control of the budget, and manage how much you will be spending on what.

  • The Creative One:

If your fiancé is more on the creative side, and likes to work with his hands, give him some DIY things to do. You can ask him to come up with a design for your wedding invitations, or help you work on the wedding favors.

  • The Negotiator:

If he’s great at winning an argument, chances are he will get you good prices on everything. The part that most brides hate is negotiating with the wedding suppliers, so ask your partner to take charge of this task.

  • The Foodie or Chef:

Whether he loves cooking or just loves to eat, if your man loves food let him take control of the menu, whether it’s seated or a buffet he can help choose what he thinks is best.

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