How to Honor Other Special Occasions at Your Wedding

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How to Honor Other Special Occasions at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate your love and new life together, but what if your wedding day coincides with someone else’s r special occasion? For example, your parent’s birthday, an anniversary of a family member, or any other special moment for the dearest people to your heart.

Make time to celebrate this special occasion even at your wedding, your loved ones will be surprised and honored that you have remembered to celebrate their special moment on your special day.

Here is how you can include a mini celebration in your wedding:

A Short Speech: Whether your sister got engaged, or it’s your grandparent’s 60th anniversary, give a short speech to honor this person or couple.

Birthday Cake: If your wedding is on the same day of the birthday of someone close to you, make sure you spare 10 minutes of your wedding to celebrate them, dim the lights, bring out a birthday cake or even a cupcake to your special guest, and turn on a happy birthday song or any happy song.

A Special Dance: Are your parents celebrating their anniversary? Ask your DJ to play a romantic song and dedicate it to them, or any other special family member celebrating a special moment.

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