How to Reuse Your Wedding Details

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How to Reuse Your Wedding Details

Couples always spend so much time and money on choosing their wedding details, whether it’s your cake, dress, flowers, or any other detail, but the sad part is that so many couples use the items of their wedding just once.

But if you’re a budget savvy bride and groom you will love what we have for you! We previously shared an article on “What to Do with Your Wedding Leftovers”.

Here are some more cool ideas we have for you to reuse your wedding details:

The Wedding Cake: You can find some ideas on what to do with your wedding cake leftover here! But another idea is to make cake pops out of your leftover wedding cake and send them to your guests as a thank you or simply give them to friends and family, or serve them for your guests when they come over!

Your Wedding Shoes: You rarely wear white heels, so why not dye your wedding shoes into a new pretty color? You can either do them yourself or send them to a professional, this way you can wear them more often.

Your Wedding Veil: Cut off the decorative trim of your veil and fold it as a keepsake until your first baby is born, and sew it on their formal dress or blanket  when they leave the hospital or on their first birthday.

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