How To Theme Your Wedding Gift List

How To Theme Your Wedding Gift List

When it comes to creating your wedding gift list, don’t just choose random items, whether it’s the color, shapes, design or brand.

To have all your home decorations and items in sync and looking great together, try choosing 1 theme and build your list around it.

You can now create your own online gift registry here!

Here are some tips to help you build the themes of your wedding gift list:

#1 Base your wedding gift list items around 1 or even 2 themes.

#2 Choose your theme based on patterns, colors, or an entire collection from the same brand.













#3 If you can’t choose a single theme for all the items, you can choose a different theme for every set, for example your dinner plates and tableware can be in one color or print, but your daily plates and tableware can be in another color or print.

#4 Don’t be afraid to mix and match, choose items that have different colors or patterns that go well together.