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Ice Sculpture Centerpieces at Your Wedding

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Ice Sculpture Centerpieces at Your Wedding

If you are looking for a different idea for your wedding centerpiece that goes along with any color scheme, this is it. An ice sculpture centerpiece that can be carved in any shape or size you like.

We have been seeing ice sculptures on dinner buffets at leading hotels for some time now, but they have only recently been used (at least in this part of the world) as centerpieces on tables at weddings and other special occasions. You will certainly impress your guests with the crystal clear ice carvings, sitting gracefully at the center of their tables.

Apart from table centerpieces, you can display an ice sculpture on the welcome table where your guest book is placed or on the dinner buffets if you are not having a seated dinner. You can even have the ice sculptures as bowls to serve the salads in.

To present a more dramatic effect, you can add flowers to the ice sculpture if it is carved in a vase shape or a collection of vases. You can also add candles, which will look beautiful with the reflection on the clear ice.  

Whatever design or theme you choose; this centerpiece idea will certainly add a very cool effect to your wedding’s general ambiance.