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Make Your Own Colored Glass Centerpieces

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Make Your Own Colored Glass Centerpieces

If you have some bottles or vases you don’t need, why not recycle them for your wedding?
They can make beautiful centerpieces!

Here is how you can re-use glass bottles, jars and vases, and turn them into beautiful centerpieces for your wedding.

What you’ll need: Your choice of glass bottles, jars, vases, even bowls.

  • Spray paint or enamel paint made especially for glass.
  • And gloves to keep your hands clean.
  • Cover the area you will be painting in with newspaper or cloths.
  • Wear a mask or just be careful not to inhale too much while spraying.

Tip: Once you’re done with the first layer, let them dry for 10 minutes and then add another layer.
You can also start by putting paint inside the jars or bottles to give it a thicker color.