Money Talk Before The Wedding

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Money Talk Before The Wedding

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to talk about the awkward subject you were both dreading… “Money”.

Talking about your finances and money together will put you both on the right path to prepare for your wedding and a stable marriage as well.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Don’t Hide Your Debt: If you or your fiancé have loans, payment installments, or credit card debts, it’s time to reveal them. This will affect your trust, and financial commitments.
  • Talk to a Professional: Find a trustworthy accountant, or financial advisor who can help you out with your finances and future plans.
  • Divide Your Finances: Dividing your household finances, setting a budget, and having a monthly expenses plan will always make you feel in control and will actually help you save some money.
  • Discuss Family Matters: Talk about the size of the family that you would like to raise, the quality of education that you would like to give your children and your preferred lifestyle. This will help you in budgeting and in saving.  
  • Have a Retirement Plan: If neither of you is saving money for retirement, it is time you start doing so.
  • Talk About Retirement and Savings: Discuss your current and future plans, whether you have a retirement plan, savings, or any kind of insurance.
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