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Our Top 3 Bridal Shower Games!

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Our Top 3 Bridal Shower Games!

Your bridal shower should be one of the best nights you can have with your girlfriends and the important women in your life.

So to help you have more fun, we picked our 3 favorite bridal shower games:

#1 Purse Hunt: Create a list of items that can be found in a purse before your bridal shower, such as eyeliner, credit card, keysand candy.Call out on the items and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a small prize, something like candy or a beauty product.

Another way to play this game is to guess what’s in the bride’s purse. First guests make their predictions on a card, paper or board and whoever has the most matches wins!

#2 The Bride’s Datebook: Bring calendar papers or cards of the next 12 months after the wedding, on the back of each month write an idea for an outing with the bride such as, “Meet for lunch” or “Get a manicure.”

Guests need to pick a card and write their name on it. Arrange the cards by month into a booklet, so the bride has a year’s worth of dates with all the important women in her life.

#3 A Lie and 2 Truths: Each guest introduces herself and says 3 experiences she’s had with the bride, but one of them should be a lie. The person who correctly picks out the lie gets points. The guest with the most points gets a small present.