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Secret Things Brides Don't Enjoy About Planning a Wedding

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Secret Things Brides Don't Enjoy About Planning a Wedding

When a bride is planning for her wedding, all she hears is how amazing this period is and how she should enjoy every detail.

But everything is easier said than done, brides can get stressed out and annoyed while planning for their weddings.

So if you just got engaged and started planning your wedding, here are some things that might get on your nerves:

  • People will not stop asking you about your wedding date: At first you might be okay with it, but many brides get stressed out with all the nagging and pressure to pick a date.
  • All your friends will want to be your bridesmaids: Even though you only want 2 bridesmaids, many of your friends will make you feel guilty that you didn't choose them, but it's okay, all you have to do is bear it and move on.
  • The careless bridesmaid will drive you crazy: Yes, you chose her to be there for you, and she signed up for this, but many girls are not prepared to be the perfect bridesmaid you have in mind, so appreciate the little things she does for you, and don't stress about it.
  • Everyone will interfere: And we mean EVERYONE, so be prepared to listen to all the opinions, advice, and comments, but remember that you should do what you want at the end of day.
  • You will probably go over your budget: Once you say the word "Bride" or "Wedding" you will notice that everything will cost double.
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