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Strangest Wedding Invitations In The Middle East In 2015

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Strangest Wedding Invitations In The Middle East In 2015

Most brides and grooms in the Middle East choose a traditional wedding invitation that is classic and elegant.

Some other couples, however, may choose something that is more bold and different for their invitation cards, such as a bold design or color that matches their wedding theme.

In 2015, we came across some pretty unique wedding invitations that are not only bold in color or design, but the entire concept was strange, different and creative. 

We chose our top 3 strangest wedding invitations seen in the Arab World in 2015.

A Passport Wedding Invitation: Yemen

This wedding invitation looked exactly like a passport, and carried the Yemeni national slogan. It had the same size and design except that its external page carried the words: ‘wedding passport’.

Inside, the groom designed a visa stamp valid on December 17, 2015, the date of his wedding. The stamp shows no expiry date as it carried the word "forever".

Read more about this invitation in Yemen here!


A Laptop Shaped Invitation: Gaza

A graphic design expert got engaged to a computer engineer in Gaza, so the creative groom wanted to do something special for his techy bride, he created a unique wedding invitation that looked like a laptop. 

The "screen" displayed the wedding date, time and venue in both English and Arabic,  and the card had some icons to give the guests more details about the wedding. 

The groom even added a QR Code for guests to send their wishes to the couple!

More pictures of this unique invitation here!


Medecine Inviation Card: Jordan

A Jordanian couple designed a unique wedding invitation inspired by their careers as a doctor and a pharmacist.

The couple designed their invitation card as a medicine box that included a printed invitation card and a strip of "strepsils" for some fun!

More picture of this fun invitation here!