Things to Expect Days Before Your Wedding

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Things to Expect Days Before Your Wedding

So your wedding is just a week away, like any other bride you have last minute things to do before your wedding day, and it almost seems like 24 hours a day is not enough!

Your tasks seem never to end, and you might be very emotional and overwhelmed, but if you are well prepared for the things you should expect, you may not feel as overwhelmed.

Here are a few things that usually happen during the last week before the wedding, so that you are prepared for:

The Lost Groom: Your groom’s state of mind will not be as stable as you have always known him. He might feel lost in all the preparations and actions taking place, he also may feel very self conscious, so give him a break and let him have some non-wedding related fun for a day.

The Call Center: This is exactly how you will feel once your phone won’t stop ringing, and it will! Whether it is your wedding vendors or wedding guests, your phone will ring a lot! To deal with your vendors smoothly the week before the wedding, have a sheet prepared in advance with all the things you decided on including payment. As for your wedding guests, turn all your call to a friend’s phone, or your mother, or a relative, who has things in charge and can answer their questions.

Double Check: Carry your list of tasks and things to do or take with you to the wedding, as the final day arrives, double check your list to make sure you don’t forget any tiny detail.

Tip: Go On a Date: Yes, really! A few days before the wedding, set a date night or lunch for you and your fiancé; you have to and will need to step back even if it is only for an hour. Have a fun and romantic date away from the wedding hassle for both of you to relax.

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