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Top 5 Wedding Invitation Shops in Riyadh

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Top 5 Wedding Invitation Shops in Riyadh

Every wedding expert knows that wedding invitations give the wedding guests the first impression of the wedding and how it is going to be like.

As you know, your wedding invitations should match your wedding theme and wedding colors.

If you're getting married in Riyadh then you will find lots of professional and creative wedding invitation places.

To save you valuable time and effort, we chose 5 of the most popular and professional wedding invitation places in Riyadh:

Erdem Invitation Cards was founded in 1980. Azhar Cards offers hundreds of different designs for wedding invitations. The shop has branches in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.


  • Dawati Cards: 

Dawati Cards was established since 1993, the shop creates elegant and creative wedding invitations that will add a unique touch to your wedding.


Rahwanji Cards do their best to meet the requirements of all their clients, Imad Rahwanji Partners International is one of the biggest invitation card places in Riyadh.


Blessing was established over a decade ago, it is a family owned company registered in Lebanon and owned by both Rana Kotaiche Najjar and Rima Kotaiche El-Husseini. Blessing's mission is to ensure that every client receives the individual professional friendly attention he/she deserves.


Elite Wedding Cards provide you with a big collection of wedding and graduation invitation cards; their cards are a mixture between Arabic beauty and European elegance.