Top 5 Wedding Management Companies in Qatar

Top 5 Wedding Management Companies in Qatar

There is no bride who doesn't want a dream wedding, brides-to-be always love to choose every detail of their wedding and want everything to be perfect.

This is why many Arab brides choose to work with the best wedding planners out there.

Choosing a professional and talented wedding planner will make the wedding planning process easier on you, and they will also help you with new and creative ideas to add to your wedding.

But finding the right wedding planner is not always easy, it takes some time and effort for brides to finally decide on a wedding planner.

If you're getting married in Qatar, you're in luck! Because we bring you the most popular and the best wedding planners in Qatar.


Elegant Events

Whether you're looking for a wedding photographer, Kosha designer, wedding favors, or dessert tables, Elegant Designs offer all the wedding services you need.

Elegant Events Qatar


Firstline Design

This company is known for their talent when it comes to Kosha designs, the company also has a section for home decor, gardens, and interiors.

They also offer services in wedding invitations, favors, and photography, as well as many other wedding related services.

Firstline Design Qatar

Fantasy Events Planner - Qatar

Fantasy Events

Abdullah of Fantasy Events is one of the most popular wedding planners in Qatar, he has been working in the field of wedding planning for over 15 years.

Fantasy Events not only plans wedding, they can plan your engagement party, or any other event you want.

The company also has a section for home decor, photography, sound and light.

Occasion Events Planner - Qatar

Occasion Events

Occasion Events is specialized in designing Kosha's for weddings, as well as wedding halls and table tops.

They also specialize in dessert tables, wedding invitations, wedding favors, photography, and music performances.

Signature Designs - Qatar

Signature Designs

Signature Designs is very popular in the Gulf Region, and they are located in the UAE but they offer their services to the entire Gulf region, such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The company covers all wedding details, such as decorations, flowers, and lights.