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Top 7 Wedding Planning Advice from Arab Brides

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Top 7 Wedding Planning Advice from Arab Brides

Our special section Real Weddings features many Arab couples sharing their wedding planning experience and recommendations to help other brides and grooms plan their weddings.

We asked brides: “What is the biggest advice you can give any bride or groom-to-be?”

Here are the top 7 wedding planning advice from Arab brides:

1) Relax and Don’t Stress:

Raneem Fakhoury: “Be relaxed and take things easy, everything will go well. Try to hold your tears of joy as they will ruin your make up.”

Rawan Jeres: “Be calm and relaxed when making your decisions.”

Shorooq Azaizeh: “Don't stress about the small things. You can get so wrapped up in trying to make everything perfect that you miss the special moments.”

Salwa Kaoukji: “Don't stress a lot about your big day, just let things go and believe that everything will fall into place… they always do.”

Tala Batarneh: “Don’t stress before the wedding, everything will turn out great eventually.”

Luma Karadsheh: “Relax! Enjoy every moment, and don’t forget to buy comfortable wedding shoes.”

2) Plan Early:

Hanan Al Amian: “Don’t leave your wedding planning until the last minute. Start planning a year to a few months ahead so you won’t regret any decision you make, and so you can still have time to change the things you don’t like.”

Lina Dghjoqa: “The most important thing is to finish all the tasks before the wedding in a week, so she could have time and patience to deal with whatever comes up during that week.”

Farah Abu Alhial: “Plan ahead and look for deals... especially on Arabia Weddings.”

Hala Diwaneh: “Start arranging for things ahead of time, because you definitely need time to prepare for a classy wedding.”

3) Be Organized:

Shereen Haddad: “The most important thing is organization. You have to be organized and always keep a paper, pen, and calendar with you. You will need them to add your tasks and make sure you don’t forget any detail.”

Jamileh Al Alami: “I recommend having a notebook in your purse at all times, and having to-do lists and constantly updating them. You tend to get more and more overwhelmed closer to the wedding, and your mind will probably be all over the place. So once you put everything down on paper, it’ll feel much better and you’ll feel more organized.”

Talah Al Alami: “Have a checklist for the things that need to be done. Be calm and relaxed during the last weeks before the wedding. Never try anything new concerning her beauty care 2 weeks prior to your wedding, such as facial sessions or masks, skin peeling or laser hair removal.”

4) Follow Your Heart:

Hana Al Khatib: “Do whatever you love; don’t do anything just because it is trendy or fashionable. Keep calm because everything will go as planned.”

Huda Ayoub: “Do all the things you've ever dreamed of doing on your wedding day as they will only be done once in a lifetime. So, enjoy it and don't let anything ruin your special day.”

Haneen Al Terawi: “Keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Pick your songs and make sure you pick a great DJ because he will be the main reason behind the wedding being fun or boring.”

Nada Kittaneh: “The most important advice is to do everything you ever wanted to do, don't just cancel stuff, you will never get over it!”

5) Don’t Skip the Wedding Planner:

Dalia Alusta: “Assign a wedding planner! It makes everything easier!”

Dana Al Assi: “Open up to experts in the field of wedding planning and have options, but decide on what you want and what reflects your character.”

Rema Shaalan: “Hire a planner and relax! There is a lot of work and details that go into a wedding and an expert will know what needs to be done to ensure your day turns out spectacular!”

6) Be a Team:

Faten Haymour: “Plan your wedding together and cherish every moment, as these moments will never come again. Take as many pictures as you can during your engagement period and share them with everyone at your wedding.”

Noffah Attoom: “Try not to take out the stress on each other. The period before the wedding is a very critical time and when you are stressed try to be there for each other instead of taking it out on each other.”

Hamzeh Al Zetawi: “Keep in your minds that this wedding is for you and that you have to do whatever you want to be happy, regardless of what people around you think or say. It’s your big day, so do unusual and unexpected things to make your wedding extraordinary.”

7) Be Creative:

Deena Al Abbas: “Try to be original and incorporate some of your own touches in your wedding.”

Maram Samawi: “Look for something special to have on your wedding; don’t be traditional. Your guests will have more fun and feel more included.”

Barina Abaza: “Do not stick to a standard ordinary wedding, people are bored of cutting the cake and the ordinary first dance. Be creative and put your own new ideas in. Feel free to surprise your guest; that’s what makes your big day a special one and a wedding to remember.”