The Ultimate Wedding Guests Faux Pas

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The Ultimate Wedding Guests Faux Pas

You know how there are times when one guest at a wedding can do something to completely inconvenience the bride and groom, (and possibly embarrass themselves and others) but they are completely unaware that they’re doing so?

We’ve compiled a list for you, our dear wedding guests, just to make sure you don’t miss any details on what you should not do at a wedding. You know, just to be sure…

Don’t RSVP at the last minute. The happy couple and their families have put a lot of time, effort and money into planning this wedding. It is common courtesy to RSVP to the invitation within the time they have set for you.

Don’t call the bride or groom a couple of days before the wedding and ask if you could bring a ‘plus one’. If you are a close friend of the bride or groom, ask them well in advance if you could bring your significant other, if they have not been invited already.

Don’t bring along your children. We know it might come off as rude that they weren’t invited, but we can assure you it is not anything personal! Children can be a handful at weddings, so why not keep them with a trusted family member or a baby sitter, and enjoy a fun night out?

Don’t, under any circumstance, wear white. Please! Even if you think your dress is beige, cream or off-white, it doesn’t matter! The bride will not appreciate it, and you will look quite odd in the video and pictures!  

Don’t show up in jeans either! Make sure you are dressed for the occasion. Especially if the wedding invitation states that it is a formal black-tie affair. It will look disrespectful, and again, definitely odd in the video and pictures!

Don’t overdo it at the buffet or the open bar. Everyone’s there to have a good time, and that includes food and drinks. Just don’t make it seem as if it’s your sole purpose of the evening!

Don’t deviate from the gift list. If the couple has registered for a gift list, don’t assume that you know better and get them something they have not registered for. Why the hassle anyway?

Don’t arrive too late. This is a wedding not an after party, so try to make it in time to enjoy the whole wedding and be there to support the bride and groom.

Don’t hog the pictures! Do send the happy couple pictures that you took on their wedding day. Even if they already have professional ones taken, they will still appreciate the natural spontaneous ones you’ve taken with your phone or camera.

Don’t forget to have fun! Weddings are a joyous event, so just go with it! Dance, mingle, and spread the love.