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Romantic and Unique Details to Add to Your Valentine's Day Wedding

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Romantic and Unique Details to Add to Your Valentine's Day Wedding

Since you’ve chosen February 14th as your wedding day, we’re guessing you’re quite the romantic. And how lovely that is! Keep in mind that your family and friends have chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you at your wedding, so we’ve come up with a few suggestions to make your wedding a romantic occasion for everyone involved.

1. Warm Invites

Whatever invitations you decide to have for your wedding; whether they’re electronic save-the-dates or traditional invitations, think of a way to add a romantic touch. Maybe have the writing in a romantic burgundy or fuchsia color; have a textured furry border; or add a ribbon to the envelope.

2. Venue Extravaganza

Choosing the venue for your wedding is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding. And if you’re thinking romance, the place where you hold your wedding should offer just that. You know how some places give you that romantic feeling? Whether it’s the view, or the lighting, or the decoration, choose a venue that complements your V-Day theme!

3. Customize Your Theme

Don’t think of Valentine’s Day in the conventional sense. It doesn’t necessarily have to translate to red roses and chocolates. Make your wedding about the two of you. Every couple has a few romantic moments they’d like to share. Perhaps your favorite song? Or a photo album you’d like to show?

4. Who’s Single? And Ready to Mingle?

Now that you’ve met the one and you’re celebrating your love, surely there are a few friends or family members that are wondering if they’ll be meeting their match… at your wedding! Weddings can be a great opportunity for singles to meet so try to arrange the seating accordingly, where you have all the youngsters and singletons close to each other!

5. Dance the Night Away

There’s no better mood-setter than music. So make sure your DJ allocates time for some good ol’ love tunes and happy dancing songs so that everyone can get in a festive love mood.

6. Love Comes in Different Colors

Valentine’s Day does not have to manifest in reds and pinks. Think outside the box and choose colors that come in a variation of hues like violet, fuchsia, magenta and burgundy. These colors can look super romantic and uber chic with dim lighting and candles.

7. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

For many brides, roses are the first flowers that come to mind; especially Valentine’s Day brides. But keep in mind that around this season, their prices tend to rise significantly! So why not change things up a little bit, and check out what your florist has to offer as a local alternative? For inspiration, check out our articles on flower arrangements and bridal bouquets.

8. Pamper with Presents

Sometimes, nothing says thank-you more than a chic little present to express your gratitude. In this case, customize your wedding favors to include a thank you note, Hershey’s Kisses, or heart-shaped treats. Everyone should get a gift on Valentine’s Day, so why not make all your guests feel special?

9. Say It Out Loud

In some weddings, it is customary for the groom’s parents, best man, or bridesmaids to make speeches. Assign some time during your wedding for the microphone to go around, so that your friends and family can share their own happy experiences from their wedding and marriage. It’ll give them a moment to reminisce, and you might enjoy the good advice they give. Don’t forget to get it all on camera! It’s these moments that will kick start your lifetime journey together.