Wedding Favor Mistakes to Avoid

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Wedding Favor Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding favors are a great way to let your wedding guests know that you are happy they could make it to your wedding.

So if you want to have favors at your wedding as a "thank you" to your guests, then you should follow some tips we have for you.

Here are some wedding favor mistakes that you should avoid on your wedding:

Don't Gift Something Cheap:

If you buy cheap wedding favors it only means you are wasting your money, if you have many guests attending the wedding then having expensive favors can cost a lot. Think of creative favors that you can make yourself or find in bulk instead.

Avoid Poor Packages: 

No matter how nice your wedding favor is, if it is poorly packaged it won't look as nice, so make sure the packaging is nice and elegant. You can personalize the packages by adding a brief note or the guests' names.

Gifting Something With No Meaning:

Don't choose something too complicated. Keeping your favors simple and minimal will be easier for you to maintain and will look more elegant. Also make sure you choose a favor that is meaningful; if you have something in common try to include it in your wedding favors.

Make Sure There is Enough:

Running out of favors can be the worst mistake at a wedding! So make sure you have the right amount of wedding favors or just a few extra favors in case.

  • Fun Fact: In Europe, the upper class would give each wedding guest a sweet treat known as a bonbonnieres, in a trinket box. Sugar was expensive back then and it was a symbol of prosperity.