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Wedding Invitation Card Trends for 2014

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Wedding Invitation Card Trends for 2014

Like everything else related to your wedding, you need to pay special attention to the design and style of your invitation cards.  Needless to say, they have to match with the overall theme and color scheme you picked for your wedding. So set the right tone for your wedding from the beginning with these invitation card trends: 

Metallics: Metallics are a massive trend these days. You are not just restricted to gold or silver anymore, foil stamping is a big trend. Look for rose gold or bronzes to add an unexpected elegant touch to your cards.

Lace: A sleeve of delicate lace over your invitation card or lacy cutouts that are now made possible with laser-cutting technology that allows you to cut delicate shapes directly into your invitation will to add a sophisticated and elegant look to your cards.

Hand Drawing: Adorable little freehand illustrations will adorn invitations everywhere in 2014. Dream it and we will find you an artist to help you bring your vision to life. (E-mail us on if you are looking for a talented illustrator).

Florals: Flowers are booming on invitation cards once more, particularly for Spring and Summer weddings.