Wedding Invitation Cards For Your Big Day

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Wedding Invitation Cards For Your Big Day

One of the most important details that require the attention of the bride and groom during the wedding planning process is to choose the perfect wedding invitation card. There is so much more than choosing the design and template when it comes to wedding invitations

Remember that your wedding invites are the first impression your wedding guests will get of your wedding, whether it is the style, or theme, your wedding invitation card should have all the details of your wedding in it, and give your guests the vibe or feel of how the wedding will be like, in terms of colors or theme.

There are many details to take into consideration when it comes to your wedding invitations, such as the quality of paper, the script, the design, and the size of the card, even the font used in it.

Here are some details you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding invitations:

Start preparing your wedding cards as soon as you set your wedding date, even 8 to 6 weeks before your wedding so you can avoid any surprises and make sure you don't fall into any mistakes, and always ask for extra cards to be printed just in case.

  • Choose a good paper quality for printing your invites, as the quality of paper will give a rich feel to your wedding invitations.
  • Choose the right font that suits your wedding invitation style.
  • Choose the right color, you can never go wrong with white or ivory or any light color, but these days brides are getting more creative and bolder when it comes to choosing unique colors for their invites.
  • Choosing the prints, decorations, and patterns of your invites is up to your taste and the style of your wedding.
  • Remember to ask the printing company to show you a sample of the invitations before you order them in bulk.


Keep in mind the latest color trends when choosing your wedding decor and theme as well as your wedding card design, you can always mix different colors and make a design that suits your taste. For example, if you are going to have a spring or summer wedding, you can choose a colorful wedding invitation card with bright colors or even decorated with elegant flowers, on the other hand if you are celebrating your wedding in autumn or winter, you can choose dark colors, or a wedding card inspired by different occasions during the seasons, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any other special occasion, it's up to you to decide how you want your wedding invitation card to look like.

Although the traditional shape of the cards is rectangular, there is no specific rule to choose the shape and design of the card, there are many couples who want to get creative with the shape of the invitations and choose them to be in a different shape and style, whether in a circular or square pattern, or with an unconventional shape such as sending a box or even a bottle, you can also add a beautiful souvenir to the guests with the card as a different idea.

One of the most recent and innovative ideas is to send the invitation card inside a bottle, you can create a bottle decorated with details that go with the wedding decorations and inside it an invitation card.

You can also use small boxes of cardboard with the date of the wedding and the name of the couple, with a paper inside with all the details, you can also include a souvenir for the guests.

These days using the couple's pictures on the wedding invitation card has become a huge trend as well, which will give the card a surprisingly personal touch and it will be different from the rest of the traditional designs.

Now that you have shared all the important and basic details about the wedding cards, it is time to share with you a collection of invitation cards for you to choose from.