Wedding Traditions From Around the World

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Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Wedding traditions differ from one country to another; some might seem strange while others sound magical.

Here are 5 traditions we absolutely love:

Indians’ 7 Steps: In Southern India, the couple takes 7 steps together to signify their friendship, which is considered the anchor of marriage.

Italians’ Money Bag: The bride has a special bag usually made of satin -called ‘la borsa’- where guests place envelopes of money in the bag, with the intention of helping out the couple.

African Americans’ Jumping Over the Broom: Jumping over a broom symbolizes sweeping away the past and starting a new home.

The Irish’s Handkerchief: The bride carries a handkerchief stitched in a way that allows it to be turned into a baby’s bonnet, and back into a handkerchief for the baby’s future wedding day.

The German’s Stepping on the Groom’s Foot: The groom kneels on the bride’s wedding gown to symbolize who is in charge of the household. Afterwards, the bride inevitably steps on the groom’s shoe to set the record straight on the matter.

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