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What Pokemon Go and Planning a Wedding Have in Common

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What Pokemon Go and Planning a Wedding Have in Common

Now that the virtual reality game, Pokemon Go is taking over the world by storm, there is no way in escaping this craze!

The world is playing Pokemon Go and taking it pretty seriously, just like a bride takes her wedding.

But how is playing Pokemon Go similar to planning your wedding?

Finding Locations: Players of Pokemon Go need to go out and catch their characters in real life surroundings and finding locations for their Pokemons, the same applies to when you are looking for the right wedding venue.

Be Quick: You have to be quick and off the mark while playing Pokemon Go, just like when you find the perfect venue or dress at a great price, and get it before anyone else.

Determination: Players of Pokemon Go spend all their time and enegry playing that game, just like the determination you have to plan your dream wedding by.

Budgeting: You need to keep your Pokéball levels healthy, so you use them wisely or top up by visiting Pokéstops. The same goes when it comes to budgeting for your wedding.

Waiting: In Pokemon Go, you can pick up eggs and nurse them into hatching, but you have to be patient, just like when you’re waiting for those guests to RSVP.

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