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What to Ask Your Wedding Gift Registry Supplier

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What to Ask Your Wedding Gift Registry Supplier

We shared some of the best tips to have the perfect wedding gift registry.


Wedding Gift Registry 101

How to Create a Flawless Wedding Registry

But what about what you need to know from the store you are about to sign up with?

Here are some questions you should ask your wedding gift registry supplier to make sure everything goes as planned:

When will my list close?: Make sure you keep your wedding gift list at the store at least 6 weeks after the wedding, so that people who are late will still have the chance to get you something you like.

Can I exchange items I receive?: What if you change your mind or realize you need something else instead? It’s always good to have this option.

Can my guests order the gift by phone or online?: Some guests might be busy, or even not in the country, so ask for these options and let your guests know about them.

Will you charge for delivery?: Some stores might charge you or your guests for the gift delivery.

Can I compile my list online?: Some stores have the feature of adding your gift list on their website, this will save you much more time if you’re a busy bride.

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