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Why Have One Wedding, When You Can Have Two?

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Why Have One Wedding, When You Can Have Two?

Many couples today are faced with the dilemma of trying to please both their parents by succumbing to their vision of how the wedding should be. More often than none, we see the bride and groom being sucked in the expectations of tradition, family and history.

However, we’ve been doing our research and we believe there’s an answer! There’s a way you could please your parents and his parents, and make sure both your families have the traditional wedding that they want for their children, and also have the wedding party that you want!

A wedding party for the friends of the bride and groom is the latest breakthrough (we believe) in the world of wedding planning! Why not have one traditional wedding for the family, and another hip and cozy wedding for just your close friends?

Here are a few of the many, many perks of having two events to celebrate your union…

  • By having two separate wedding parties, you can please the families and give them the traditional wedding they’ve been dreaming of, and not compromise on the more modern more casual one you’ve had your hopes on.
  • Two parties means two invitation lists. This way you can invite all your friends that you want to celebrate with, and your parents don’t need to cut their lists short.
  • Two weddings? Two dresses! And who doesn’t like the sound of that? You can have a classic wedding gown for the first wedding, and then wear a stylish, fun wedding dress for your wedding #2 party!
  • You can diversify on themes. We often find ourselves having to choose between two things we love equally; now you don’t have to! Not sure if you should get a band or have a DJ? Torn between raspberry filling or lemon custard? Roses or sunflowers? You can have two completely separate themes and enjoy each of them individually.
  • What you can also do is start off with a reception for the family: maybe a sunset wedding where you can mingle with your guests, and then have an after party later for your friends where you can dance the night away.
  • A second wedding can also give you the liberty of doing things that your families might not feel too happy about. Maybe you only want to play English music, or maybe you want your wedding dress to be short or even colorful.
  • Sometimes families might be against having alcohol in the wedding, or having loud music and dancing, so a second wedding is ideal when your parents know this is just a party for your friends.