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4 Last Minute Wedding Music Tips You Need to Know

Getting married soon?Looking for a DJ or Entertainers?Let's help you find them.
4 Last Minute Wedding Music Tips You Need to Know

Is it 2 weeks or less before your wedding day? It’s definitely time to give your DJ some last minute details and plans!

Here are some details you need to give your DJ before your wedding:

Your 10 Most Important Plays: List the 10 most important songs you want to be played at your wedding.

Your 10 Do Not Plays: This will help you avoid dancing to songs you hate.

A List of the Major Moments Along with their Songs: Your first dance songs, your bouquet toss song, your cake cutting song and all the moments you want to focus on.

Your Traditions: If you want a certain traditional dance that requires a special song, then please provide it to your DJ ahead of time.

And to give you some inspiration click here and check out the songs we have on Arabia Weddings and add them to your playlist!