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The Best First Dance Style To Suit Your Personality

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The Best First Dance Style To Suit Your Personality

Some couples can get confused about how they want their first dance to be like; some imagine their first dance as slow and romantic, while others want to have a song with a higher energy beat.

But if you’re confused about the first dance style you want for your wedding, we can help you decide which style suits you and your fiancé best. Here are the different styles and what to expect from each:

  • Classic Sway: If you’re shy and don’t want anything complicated, keep it simple with a slow dance, hold each other and sway to the music, adding a simple twirl will also look adorable.
  • Upbeat: If you want something fun and exciting, choose a song with a higher tempo or energy, you should also stick to some key moves which you might want to practice in advance to avoid any ridiculous video footage.
  • Latin: If you’re looking for something sensual and romantic, a Latin style first dance is great for you, like the rumba, which works with a lot of songs and you can control the moves the way you want.  If you want something more adventurous try the tango or salsa which have extra fancy footwork.
  • Royal Waltz: Feel like royalty with a foxtrot or waltz, and dance with your partner across the ballroom.

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