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The Top Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

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The Top Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to weddings, music is one of the most important elements there is. A wedding with bad music is a lifeless boring one, so make sure you don’t fall into that trap.

To help you out here are the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to music at your wedding:

#1 Not meeting the DJ: Some couples book their DJ but don’t meet him until their wedding.Meeting the DJ before booking him will give you a chance to feel more comfortable and reassured, it will also give you a chance to explain exactly what you want.

*Tip: Ask your friends and family for recommendations, some might have attended weddings that had a great DJ they could recommend.

#2 Not checking the venue: Some venues have restricted sound level and end-time policies.

#3 Placing the DJ far away from the Dance Floor: The DJ needs to be placed next to the dance floor.It will help him stay in contact with the bride and groom and feel the guests’ vibe.

*Tip: Think of booking your DJ one more hour than your wedding is supposed to take. You need to discuss this with him, as some DJs ask for expensive fees if the wedding takes longer than expected.

#4 Not writing a list of songs: Sit with your partner and write a list of songs you want to be played during your wedding and make sure your DJ plays them between songs throughout the wedding. You should even write a “Do Not Play” list of songs you don’t want to be played at your wedding, it’s your wedding after all!

*Tip: Ask your friends and family to give you ideas for songs to play as well.

#5 Playing one kind of music: A perfect wedding playlist should have a mix of English and Arabic, both old and new songs, so that all different age groups and tastes can have fun.

#6 Choosing a long song for your special dance: A long song can be boring to your guests, so consider having a shorter song for your first dance.